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10 Tips on stay Fit at your desk job

10 Tips on stay Fit at your desk job :

We understand how difficult it is for most people working class to be too busy to exercise ahead of time and prepare healthy meals. But this is not an excuse for eating junk food and stressful work!

In addition to eating healthy to reduce sugar consumption and regular exercise in spare time, our buttocks must also work nearly 9.3 hours a day. To prevent weight gain and various forms of stress, we provide a healthy way to exercise invisibility at work!

Corporate fitness enthusiasts have spread this trend in office buildings around the world. They call it “deskercise”, which is a combination of desk and exercise.. Many employees have tried and achieved positive results!

We have compiled 5 easiest exercises on how to work out on the desk!

1. Alternate sitting and standing

Instead of letting your body stand still, why not sit down and get up at different times of the day? Help blood flow throughout the body! Do you know that standing will burn fat? If you are not writing or reading on the screen, try stretching your legs and getting up to answer the phone or brainstorm. Some people who have tried it say that it can help them become more alert and responsive at work.

2. Try Walking Meetings

No need to be alone, the office can also have a perfect figure! Encourage your colleagues to walk and join the meeting! It does not take long to go to the nearest store to buy coffee or sandwiches. By moving your legs to circulate the blood, while absorbing the vitamin D in the sun to exercise your body and mind, make your skin naturally glow and alert.

3. Strengthen the calf

Do you feel your feet become cement? Try to point with your toes when sitting or standing! Not only stretch your toes, but also tie a few knots. But it will also strengthen your feet and calves and keep you stable. You will relax your lower body and prepare your legs to walk to your car or even go home. Do this as often as needed. Stretch some muscles and sharpen your legs.

4. Shoulder Blade Squeezes

As your work increases, you will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Why not relax it with simple exercises? You can sit down, stretch and pull your elbows back, just like squeezing something with your shoulder blades. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, then release. Do this as often as you want or as needed. This will help you to get rid of anxiety.

5. Take time to Meditate

This is the simplest exercise you can do in the office. It is also very useful for your health and overall health. Take a moment to relax, close your eyes, and clear all thoughts. Focusing on breathing is essential to spend the day more efficiently and calmly. Too much thinking and too much stress will make our body age faster and make us feel tired all the time.

5 Ways to Stay Motivate Yourself To Exercise

One of the biggest challenges I have heard from people trying to lose weight. Eating for better health or just having a fit and healthy body is lack of motivation.

When you exercise, the reward for feeling good and losing weight becomes a motivation in itself. Seeing the results will have a knock-on effect, leading to more exercise and a healthier diet. So motivate yourself to become your motivation.

It is true that sometimes exercise becomes a challenge. It may even be because of my schedule or I feel abnormal for me. Sometimes I don’t want to but I know I will feel better in the future because I always do it. Not only physically but also I feel better mentally.

5 ways to motivate yourself to exercise:

1. Remember how you feel after exercise

Whether it is the comfort of a heartbeat runner or a sense of accomplishment, you will always feel better after exercise.

2. Reward yourself

Taking care of yourself after exercise will not be harmful to your health. It can be a delicious protein shake or a healthy salad of shrimp and avocado. The idea of ​​this delicacy will not only get you in. But it will also make it harder for you to exercise!

3. Wear a cute workout dress

When you look good, you feel good. If you don’t have cute clothes, go shopping to reward yourself. You will feel great after losing a few pounds.

4. Do what you like to do

The choices are endless. If you don’t like running, please find other ways to try yoga or pilates classes. If you don’t like group classes and like to exercise at home. Let’s try a YouTube video, let’s face it, if you hate it, you won’t. So looking for something interesting

5. Visualize your goals

If this is the bikini you want to wear, hang it next to the mirror so that you can see it every day. Or hang a picture of a suitable shape on the refrigerator. This will act as a boost and encourage you to pick an apple on the cake in the refrigerator.

We all have different goals and motivations. The important thing is to find a method that works for you and move on. If your daily work is boring, try new things, find new music, listen to music or find friends to exercise. do not give up.

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