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12 Important Benefits Of Cinnamon Uses And Disadvantages

12 Important Benefits Of Cinnamon :

Cinnamon is mainly used as a spice. It is a fragrant spice, like many medicines found in it. This helps our body fight various diseases. Prevention of various diseases is considered a drug with potential in itself. Because there are so many functions today we are going to tell you 12 benefits of cinnamon, but first, what is cinnamon? And some great info about cinnamon.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice used in various vegetable or spicy dishes because it has a good aroma and enhances the flavor of food. Including Cinnamon as a drug is believed. Many medicines are also produced. The cinnamon bark is thin and fragrant.

The flowers are small and green or white in color. Cinnamon is also used to make tea, its scientific name is cinnamomum verum, and the cinnamon plant is the real cinnamon plant. Prepare it. Its bark is taken from the tree and dried in the sun. Because it will become spherical and tip over. This is what we call Cinnamon.

Cinnamon flavor

Its fruit is hot and should be eaten in moderation. Some people have a warming effect. Our advice to these folks is that you should reduce your consumption of Cinnamon and be very careful. This will be more beneficial for Vata and Kapha patients.

Cinnamon Tree Identification

Its tree was first discovered in Sri Lanka. It reaches a length of 18 meters and cinnamon is made from the bark of this tree. Its bark is red. It becomes spherical after drying. Not only that, when the leaves are rubbed, a pungent smell hits the face.

Cinnamon benefits

1. Helps lose weight

Weight gain is a big problem these days. Because most people are worried, but the medicinal properties of cinnamon have been shown to be great for weight loss. Because polyphenols were found to act as antioxidants. – For weight loss. We have to mix cinnamon powder with lemon juice. If you drink a little honey and water every day. You will get results soon. will start showing

2. Good for joint pain

Cinnamon is also used in the oils we make for people with joint problems. We have to mix coconut oil or mustard oil in cinnamon. Then heat and rub with oil. The problem is solved.

3. Beneficial in cold and cough

Colds and coughs can happen at any time. Today, the side effects of weather are increasing exponentially. A viral infection occurs, and you can protect your body from these side effects if you wish. You must use cinnamon. Boil ginger in at least a cup of water. This should be consumed afterwards and will cure your colds and coughs.

4. Cinnamon control diabetes

Cinnamon is also used to reduce diabetes. For this, you need to mix a little lemon juice in the cinnamon. You need a small piece of ginger, a little honey and water, heat it up and make it like tea. Then consuming your diabetes will always start to be controlled by consuming.

5. Clean the blood

The consumption of cinnamon purifies the blood. For this, you can consume cinnamon tea daily or use it in vegetables. You will benefit more.

6. Cinnamon relieves respiratory problems and bad breath

There are many diseases that make breathing difficult. For example, pneumonia and catarrhal bacteria can cause this disease, which can cause chronic bronchitis. Bad breath still plagues many people. To avoid this problem, you should consume cinnamon. It can also be useful if you have bad breath. You need to put some cinnamon in the water. Then boil it and rinse it off after brushing your teeth in the morning. Because your bad breath will gradually disappear

7. Beneficial in cholesterol

It has also been shown to be very useful for people with cholesterol problems. Foods commonly eaten by Indians contain more fat. This is because you have a dramatic increase in fat or fat. If you don’t do any exercise you will get fat, which is a big problem with cholesterol, to avoid this problem you have to mix cinnamon powder and honey in a pill in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink warm water on an empty stomach after half an hour.

12 Important Benefits Of Cinnamon
12 Important Benefits Of Cinnamon

8. Cinnamon helps in healing the digestive system

Eating cinnamon helps digestion. It keeps the stomach clean. If you regularly use cinnamon in your diet, your digestive system will heal and you will feel light.

9. Beneficial in menstruation

The pain that women feel during menstruation is tight, sluggish, and greasy. Have to drink tea, add a little lemon juice and a little honey to eat. Do. You will get a lot of benefits.

10. Beneficial for blood pressure patients

Many people have many questions about BP, sometimes more. Sometimes it can be very beneficial to eat less cinnamon in this situation. If your blood pressure is too low, mix ground cinnamon with water and drink it. They will subside immediately.

11. Give relief from constipation and gas problem

Eating cinnamon can relieve gas. You have to make tea to drink. When you make tea, remember that you need to take ground cinnamon and add lemon juice. Add honey. You need to drink this tea at night before going to bed. Take it daily and you’ll get relief in no time. This will help relieve gas and constipation.

12. Use Cinnamon to Make Your Hair Long and Good

The reason my hair doesn’t grow is because the roots are weak. Unclean hair, cinnamon has this element in it and it strengthens by getting into the roots of the hair. In this case take a piece of cinnamon, add a little coconut oil and heat. You can also mass produce and store them. You have to apply it to the roots of your hair every day. Within a few days, the hair loss and dirt will disappear. Your hair will gradually become thicker and longer and thicker.

Harm of cinnamon

1- This way you get the most out of the cinnamon. But if you eat more, you may have stomach problems.

2 – People with liver problems These people should not eat cinnamon or your problems may escalate.

3- You may be allergic to eating too much cinnamon.

4- If a woman is pregnant, she should not eat cinnamon or reduce more cinnamon. Because it is not considered good for the baby’s development

5 – People who take blood thinning medications These people should not eat cinnamon.

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