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6 ways to prioritize your health

6 ways to prioritize your health:

This is the time of the year when people start to say they want to lose weight, go to the gym and finally pay attention to their health. Of course, as you know, keeping yourself healthy is related to the continuous habits you adhere to, not temporary activities or unreasonable needs for self-control.

If you want to be healthier, all you have to do is to develop the habit of doing it every day. Avoid harsh commitments and pursue smaller and longer goals that can be controlled by self-control. We will study 5 things that can permanently improve health.

An achievable goal is what you can do every day without having complete control over yourself. Psychologically, we understand that self-control is actually a limited resource that can reduce your resistance to temptation.

These are some techniques that most people can do to control their day.

1. Exercise for 1 minute a day

I know this interval is too short, but if it seems impossible to do daily exercise, it only takes one minute a day to get in place or sit-ups.

But the most important thing is to do this every day. Over time, this will happen automatically and you will start to want to do more. It only takes a few minutes to let your blood flow, stimulate endorphins and make the day more enjoyable.

2. Try to wait for 10 minutes

After a hard day’s work, you are sitting in front of Netflix on the screen. Although you are not hungry, you have a desire for entertainment. Or maybe you just want snacks or cigarettes? If you can wait 10 minutes, then the temptation algorithm in your brain will be bypassed.

The best thing is not to spend too much on self-control reserves. It is enough to strengthen yourself and overcome the temptation.

3. Do not eat before going to bed

Eating before going to bed is harmful to intestinal, cardiovascular and lumbar health. You should stop eating at least one hour before going to bed, preferably four hours. If you are very hungry, try to eat fruits or vegetables.

These are the most unhealthy foods. Don’t stimulate the strongest acid in your intestines. When you fall asleep and hungry, your body will use its ability to repair itself and flush away waste and toxins. You must develop habits that will not interfere with these processes.

4. Improve dental health

What are your oral health guidelines? Without proper dental care, the level of oral bacteria can reach levels that cause oral infections, such as gum disease and even tooth decay.

Make sure you visit your dentist regularly and brush and floss your teeth every day. Worried about costs? There are many dental savings plans that can help you maintain oral health without spending a lot of money.

6 ways to prioritize your health

5. Control the pressure

Stress can have a profound effect on your health.. Try to use relaxation techniques to maximize stress control. One of the easiest and healthiest ways to control stress is through the nose and intestines.

Direct inhalation of the upper chest triggers stress hormones and does not allow oxygen to enter the body or intestinal breathing. Use apps such as Calm to get into the breathing routine and reap the benefits.

6. Did you know?

Pay attention to when and how you lose control of yourself. Know what is true expectation and what is not realistic expectation. Remember, you cannot be your own tyrant. You are not your own natural architect.

You must work according to your nature, not against it.Keep one of these tips correct. Take time to root in your life and habits, and consider other ways.

Try to adapt to one of these habits, add two minutes of exercise every day, or try to wait 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes. This will give you the control you need.This will help you develop habits that you can keep, and ultimately make your health a real priority.

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