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Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, and Treatments

Anxiety Disorders :

We all feel anxious at some point. Whether we call it embarrassment, nervousness or nervousness. It’s normal to feel nervous. In fact, it can have a positive impact to a certain extent, such as rejuvenating us in a big game. Or train our interview or exam awareness.

But some forms of anxiety are not as helpful as others. If you are a little excited before the exam, this may help if you couldn’t sleep the night before. Or, if you start to sweat a lot and feel nauseated when you walk into the exam room is a crisis, more intense anxiety if you think it is part of a continuous pattern. You should ask for help.

What is anxiety?

Our stress response is an internal survival mechanism. It used to allow us to take immediate action when our lives were threatened. Prepare for action Your heart rate will increase to pump blood into each muscle, and your blood pressure will also increase.

Once action is taken, the danger or problem is resolved. Relax your body and return to normal. But when the threat is small and persistent, this is normal in the emotionally stressful situation of modern life. It is usually impossible to take direct action to deal with it. And the body will be affected by stress for a long time. Secondary symptoms may occur. This may include skin rashes, melasma, weight problems (underweight or overweight). Interestingly, people with anxiety disorders may increase aggression or have the opposite effect. Completely depressed, withdrawn, and even extremely depressed.

Types of anxiety

There are many forms of anxiety. Some have obvious reasons, such as being bitten by a child or fear of a dog by a person who is afraid. Other patterns are unpredictable and may include relationship anxiety, which can make you sexually powerless or cool. Anxiety sometimes has a non-specific pattern, such as a sudden and inexplicable panic on the way to work, or a general feeling of despair (called “disgust”) in the face of the current state of the world.

Causes of anxiety

There are two main theories about the causes of anxiety.. The first thinks that this is caused by a personality disorder, which prevents our psychological defenses from working properly. In other words, instead of recognizing the symptoms of anxiety and dealing with them. The patient will turn the symptoms into a pattern. This is often self-defeating

The second theory states that certain physical tasks cannot be performed. Especially in the nervous system. This may be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the body. Proponents of this theory believe that these “diseases” can be cured with effective and painless medications.

Third, some theorists believe that the cause of the problem is much simpler than these facts. This is just the result of modern life: the general loss of social and moral values, and the reaction to situations where we no longer feel… we have no problem control.

Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

You can try to manage your anxiety yourself. The first thing to do is to recognize and accept the symptoms, and try to find the cause and treat it.

But what if this self-help process is not enough? Even with the help of family and friends, it is best to consult a doctor. Your doctor can refer you to a psychotherapist who will help you find and treat the cause. This treatment can be done alone or with people who have other problems. In the psychotherapy group

Many doctors recommend alternative treatments that can help you relax and improve concentration. This may include yoga. Breathing exercises, biofeedback, and even meditation.

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