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Are you comfortable sitting?

Are you comfortable sitting:

  • Buy new sofa
  • Change your sitting posture
  • Get support
  • This is how he gets along
  • Why did you decide to establish Citwell?
  • Are you having problems along the way?
  • Doesn’t it look out of place with my other cute looking cushions?
  • What are your future plans for Sittingwell?
Are you comfortable sitting

If after a whole day of hard work, apart from lying on the sofa with your feet on the TV and drinking tea in your hands, you don’t like anything else, please raise your hands?Of course we all need a break. However, when you look at the latest statistics, the data tells us that Western adults now spend 55-70% a day, and eight out of ten Britons have at least one midfielder. The question, the pain in life, do we spend too much time?

In recent years, many companies have provided ergonomic training, high-quality office chairs, and regular workstation evaluations. However, when we leave the office, good posture training tends to lag behind.The so-called “sofa syndrome” has led experts to notice an increase in the number of patients with various back problems sitting on the sofa, bending over and barely receiving support. What should comfort us is that it does more harm than good.

Like most things, sofas change with fashion. In the Victorian era, chairs and sofas were associated with an upright and stable placement, not necessarily for comfort. But it is more useful for practicality and durability. Today’s sofas are soft and luxurious, usually with low backs and deep cushions, which help make the sitting posture more hunched and chaotic.

Experts predict that although Victorians like to stay upright during activities such as sewing, the use of modern sofas suggests that people bend over to watch TV or squat down to watch a smartphone or iPad. If we do not solve this problem now, many of us may suffer from scoliosis, which can lead to problems in future life.

What is the solution to this problem?

Buy new sofa

The obvious solution is to buy a new sofa, right? But sofas are expensive. When I visited the store last time, there were almost no ergonomic sofas to choose from. Manufacturers are producing the products they need, so if the demand is a sofa that is comfortable, luxurious and resembles a living room, that is what they want to do.

Usually we will choose the sofa according to the size. (Must fit the area), color (suitable for decoration), comfort (expandable footrest, reclining, angular shape, etc.) and purpose of use. Even if someone is eating, working or lying on the sofa, sitting down is not a cool thing.

Change your sitting posture

Humans are habitual animals and often follow certain conventions. This habitual behavior also extends to the way and position we sit there, think again… Do you and your family always sit in the same position on the sofa? I remember when I was a child,

I knew that the chair was my father’s chair, and no one was sitting in it. Now I found myself claiming that the side of the sofa is mine. In fact, even my children have begun to insist on using this brand of sofa products-my son likes to sit in the middle of the sofa, his hips rubbing between the gaps in the cushions, and the cushions are scattered on the floor. It’s a curse for anyone who dares to try! Share the rest of the sofa with him…he is only 8 years old!

The poor posture of the sofa sitting on the same cushion means that the cushion will adjust to your shape and the support will be greatly reduced over time. But it also encourages inappropriate postures. You may not be sitting in front of the TV, so you may tilt slightly when viewing your body. Over time,

this can cause your body to deform in some way, which can cause tension and weakness in certain joints and muscles, which can lead to poor posture and cause pain.

The NHS recommends that you avoid knee pain, your knees should be seated with your hips, your lower back should be properly supported, and your feet should be on the floor. Next time he sits on the sofa, please think about his sitting posture.

Did you put your legs aside? Are your legs crossed? Are you going to bed? Humpback, right? You may wish to do one or more of these things, although you can do it right now, but it is only a matter of time!

Get support

It may be that your sofa is too deep, the cushion you tilted forward is not strong enough or the structure is not enough.

The Sittingwell cushion is a good solution because it provides extra lumbar support to the sides. After this means that although it looks like other sofa cushions, it also has the added benefit of supporting certain styles to prevent them from collapsing.

Maintain a good posture on the sofa. This innovative new product was launched in August 2016 by therapists Lorna Kennard and Rachel Wall. They were disappointed with the patients and they told them the stories of the products they had purchased, which aggravated back problems.

Still without any consequences, they decided to use their experienced and skilled hands to solve the problem, and it took five and a half years to design, produce and purchase Sittingwell cushions to market.

Fortunately for me, I have no back problems, so I may not be the best candidate to evaluate the Hitwell cushion, but my husband has been in trouble for several years, which makes him the perfect guinea pig.To make sure that the pillow is tested, frankly, in addition to the best pillow she used when sitting on the bed, I also asked her to replace the two planes in two weeks. Night sofa.

This is how he gets along

“My back problems began 25 years ago. I was helping my father with a gardening project, but I made a common mistake of lifting heavy objects on the back of my knees. A few weeks later, my backaches, and now It’s not the same again. As long as you are a little more careful today, it’s fine. Even if I forget and use the latter too much (for example, simultaneous ups and turns, usually involving children!), it can re-stimulate you.

The pain is in mine. For the lower back, in the past four years, I have seen a masseuse come to help me with four different treatments, including standard massages and “tightness” in my body, for example: suddenly go back and put it back That’s it.

Sit on your waist. I bought a very beautiful chair for my home office. When I sit at the table, I always realize my posture. Although I usually work at my desk for 10 to 11 hours a day. But my back pain is still weak, I think part of the reason is the relative position of the chair and table, the relative position of the screen and keyboard. In my previous work, I had to perform some basic posture tests and exercises on the height of the chair, so I think there is a lot of information to master.

The most painful moment is not at a specific time of the day. However, if my back muscles are used a bit more than usual, I will not feel or not feel it, and I will continue to use the back for at least a few days until the pain disappears.Of course I like to use this kind of interior. It is obviously different from our existing sofa cushions. It has been greatly improved in terms of support and comfort. Subconsciously, even after sitting for a long time, it makes me want to reduce bending.

I want to know if it will disappear and tend to bend again. Solid support and comfort are a good combination, and I think we should gain something. But the problem with our family (I’m sure, like most houses with children) is being beaten, trampled, used for games, etc.In general, I think the pillow is a good product. Its pillow can match our decoration.

I like to use it every day when I sit on the sofa. It would be great if you can buy a set of 4 pieces at the price of 3 or 3 to make the price more affordable. Persistence is an unresolved issue. Over time, most pillows have partially lost their shape and their strength has decreased. If this pillow does not deform for a long time, I will pay for their kit. “

Why did you decide to establish Citwell?

We have found that it is often difficult for patients to find products suitable for their back care, and sometimes they can aggravate the problem. When they talk about the benefits they bring, we know from our perspective why it makes the situation worse.​​​ But the site at that time was just a set of products listed without any breakdown.

Therefore, we have established a Seatingwell website with tutorials and articles to help answer people’s questions. It can help them buy the right products. But it must be considered whether they really want it. This is usually a question of consciousness. The most important thing for us is that we only have tried and tested quality products, and we know that they actually work.

This means that for those looking for a solution, there is less product and less confusion overall.The Zingwell seat cushion stems from the fact that Lorna and I have faced the same problem for many years. The sofa hurts and/or people can only sit in the last place when they are injured. This usually means taking the chair out of the dining room instead of a relaxing night. In a way, it seems lonely because it doesn’t Meet your preferences. You spend time with your family. “

Are you having problems along the way?

“We are still working in the clinic. (located in the Lotus Center in Bourne End), so it is not a full-time company. There are several obstacles to the design process. You are not yet an expert in product design. Due to a tight budget, we are not a reputable company and we have a lot of money to spend time on your research to get support and a good feeling.

We hope to help your spine There is a proper balance between providing the necessary support and maintaining a comfortable, relaxed feeling on the sofa. In addition, we want to produce this in the UK and it took 9 months to find a manufacturer. The irony of the next kingdom is that they After traveling to all parts of the country, it is always under our noses, only 30 minutes from us!

Doesn’t it look out of place with my other cute looking cushions?

“The combination of the appearance of back care products and the fact that they are suitable for home use has resulted in a design that is in harmony with the home environment.

The Seatwell cushion has a cotton covering to put everything together. But it is designed to fit your choice of 18 Inch cushion cover to match your decoration.

What are your future plans for Sittingwell?

“We are just the beginning of the interior decoration journey. We hope to continue to spread the idea that many sofas are hurting people.

We also want to find other products that are really useful, and you will never know that one day will provide a toilet sofa. And furniture.

I like this product, or one of the main things that is better for me is the people behind the product-frankly speaking, in general, whether you want the product or not.

If you have any questions, not many companies are really open or caring to help you. The business these days is incredible. If it does not help your cushion, Citwell does not want to sell it to you. Show on the sofa

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