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5 great ways to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles

Eyes and dark circles :

Beauty is what you feel on the inside and it is reflected in your eyes. It is not a physical thing.This makes the care of the skin around the eyes even more important.

Eyes and dark circles
Eyes and dark circles

Puffy, dark and realities of your eyes

Here’s a quick rundown of the facts you need to know about puffy eyes and dark circles:

1: These aren’t just products of aging. Rather, it’s the result of the lifestyle choices you’ve made and the skincare routine you’ve followed over the years.

2: Puffy eyes are caused by several factors. It could be too much salt in the diet, stress, or chronic insomnia. It can also be caused by physiological changes in your body, including weakening of the muscles in your cheeks or loss of fat under your eyes due to the weakening of the eye muscles that support them.

Some people have oily eyes due to excess fat that they are genetically predisposed to develop.

3: Darkness under the eyes is caused by several factors. The reasons include fluid leakage caused by broken capillaries located under the eye area and deposited there. Insomnia, excessive sleep, chronic eye strain, fatigue, stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise can also contribute to darkness under the eyes. Allergies, eczema, eye and skin infections, dehydration, and trauma can darken the eye area.

4: You need to choose a treatment that matches the root cause of your puffy eyes and dark circles. You have to get to the root of the problem to fix these eye skin issues. Most of the time, it is necessary to follow a combination of treatments and diets to eliminate them permanently from the face.

Dealing with damage to the skin around the eyes

You are wondering if there is something more you can do to repair the damage, so below we give you the 5 best ways to treat puffy eyes and dark circles:

  1. Non-surgical procedures. There are invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive procedures, all of which are non-surgical, to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Here are your main options:

• Skin fillers. When the problem is the loss of fatty tissue or the weakness of the muscle or membrane to hold the fat, your dermatologist will probably prescribe this option first. You have several choices of materials, including collagen and hyaluronic acid. Your skin specialist will walk you through the best choices you can make.

• Laser treatments. Lasers can be abrasive or non-abrasive. In both cases, the goal is to use the laser to stimulate larger volumes and faster rates of collagen production.

• Radiofrequency therapy. This procedure has received rave reviews for firming the skin and will be helpful in treating puffy eyes, but it will not resolve dark circles. Sometimes radio frequency is combined with laser therapy for faster results.

  1. Surgical interventions. There are surgical options to remove puffy eyes and dark circles, but they can have serious side effects. For swollen eyes caused by excess fat, surgery is the only option.

3. Improve your skin care regimen. Cleanse and tone the area thoroughly day and night. Moisturizers containing peptides, antioxidants and skin lightening ingredients such as Teamine will help facilitate skin renewal and regeneration to brighten dark circles and soothe the eyes.

4. Change your lifestyle. Get enough sleep, learn to control your stressors, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly. Most people just need this and a skincare routine that best complements their skin to get rid of those perennial sores on their eye skin.

5. Make an appointment with your doctor. If you have reason to believe that your swollen eyes and dark circles may have an underlying cause involving your condition, it’s best to talk to your doctor. It is worth excluding any disease so that you can receive treatment as soon as possible if you have any health problems.


Puffy eyes and dark circles, along with wrinkles and age spots, can make you look older sooner if you don’t act right away. It’s time for you to fix this eye problem. Consider These 5 Best Options And Start Exploring Each Of Them.

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