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For hair care tips – 10 hair care myths

For hair care tips :

For hair care tips
For hair care tips

Hair is the most important part of our personality.. No wonder we always strive to keep our looks beautiful and shiny. Even if you look ordinary, beautiful hair can make your personality attractive. Pay attention to hair Therefore, it is not enough to spend a lot of money and time on hair care.

From ancient times to the present, both men and women have paid special attention to making their hair look beautiful in all aspects. Thousands of hair care tips and suggestions. Humans believe all this. We have already started to do this, but things are beginning to take effect. Harmful to our hair Today we take the initiative to bring you the truth behind 10 hair care myths and break them forever.

1. Regular haircuts will make your hair grow faster

This is the most common misunderstanding associated with hair care. People tend to believe this. But when you consider it in practice, you know that it has nothing to do with your hair growing faster. More hair grows on the scalp than on the tail. When you cut your hair, it will not grow faster. It will only get shorter and shorter. The only fact about cutting hair is that it can help you get rid of split ends and make your hair look stronger.

2. Pulling gray hair will cause more

This is still one of the most common misconceptions about hair care. He may have been infected by an old woman. Worst of all, people believe. If you pull white hair, it won’t make me white. It will only weaken the hair and irritate the scalp.

3. Comb your hair from top to bottom

You may have heard of it many times, and almost everyone has heard of it. But believe us this is not true. Combing your hair is the best and only way to get tangled hair. But combing your hair from top to bottom is not the right way. The best way to comb your hair and prevent it from splitting is to start to comb half of your hair and break it.

4. Split end repair

You will often see advertisements where products claim to repair forks. But the truth is that there is nothing to fix the problem of forking due to dead hair. If you have ever seen a corpse resurrected, you can rely on products that can repair your dry and cracked hair.

5. Keep your hair oiled longer

So your mother will let you oil your hair more frequently and longer and show it to her. This oil can keep the hair or scalp moisture. And even if the conditioner is applied, 20 minutes before washing is enough. In addition, the amount of oil has nothing to do with the health of the hair. The scalp and hair will only absorb the required amount of oil. The rest will be washed away.

For hair care tips
For hair care tips

6. Dry scalp causes dandruff.

This is the most common myth most of us believe. Dry scalp can cause dandruff. But the fact is almost negative. Dry scalp has nothing to do with dandruff. But oily scalp is more prone to dandruff. So next time you hear these facts, don’t believe them!

7. Shampoo causes hair loss

This is the moment when you should stop blaming hair loss on shampoo. Shampoo can only clean the dirt on the scalp and hair. When you are in the shower, it doesn’t make me weaker or stronger. Wet hair itself is very fragile. When you squeeze your hair and apply shampoo, weak hair will fall off the scalp. Stop believing or blaming the brand for causing your hair loss!

8. Conditioner is not suitable for oily hair.

You have heard hundreds of times from many people, but this is not true, it is also a myth. Although it does start working sometimes. When your hair is greasy, it is still a legend. It produces excess oil. The conditioner has no effect in this regard. If your hair is greasy and for some reason you still need to nourish your hair, then go ahead!

9. Tie your hair and get rid of hair

You have heard it many times when people see hair on their shoulders or clothes. But the truth is that when you tie your hair up, it will only help hide dandruff and will not solve the problem at all. There are many causes of dandruff. And there is a better and more effective treatment. But rely on me

10. Comb your hair 100 times

This is the biggest lie in all the above-mentioned legends. When you comb your hair excessively, you will loosen your hair due to excessive pressure on your scalp and hair. Excessive combing is harmful to your hair. On the other hand, it will weaken your hair and cause more hair loss. So stop believing and use it!

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