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Want to earn extra $ 100 per month? Learn how to be a mystery shopper

Want to earn extra $ 100 per month:

Want to earn extra $ 100 per month

When I get a student loan, one of the things I have to do is learn how to be a mystery customer in order to earn extra money. No, it didn’t make me rich. But it gave me a little extra income and even allowed me to go out to eat and find free things that I might be able to buy.

Do you want to earn an extra $100 per month? Learn how to become a mystery shopper.
Mystery Shopping also helped me pay off my $40,000 student loan in just 7 months.

I remember the first time I heard that he was a secret shopper. I work in a retail store, and mysterious shoppers come to us regularly. We have never found out who is a mystery customer. But we can read his report later.I think it’s cool that people pay for it!

Soon after hearing these news, I learned how to be a mystery shopper, in fact a secret shopper.I regularly get a mystery item purchase fee of $150 to $200 every month, and I can also get free items/services, such as $100 for consumption in restaurants. (I must be qualified to stay up late), makeup and so on.

Not long ago, many people sent emails asking if I knew many of you and wanted to know how I could make money through mysterious purchases.

Since I haven’t talked about mystery shoppers in a while, the last time was in 2012, I decided it was time to talk about it again and introduce you to my experience and how it started.Therefore, today I will answer your frequently asked questions and help you learn how to become a mystery shopper through my “Secret Shopper Analysis”.

What are the gains of becoming a mystery shopper?

I know that many of you may think this is too good, unbelievable.

Do they only pay you to buy it?

This will be a perfect world, won’t it?

Mystery Shopping can do the job-you need to register a receipt, fill out the survey form, and then let Mystery Shopping know your shopping experience. Help your store, car dealership, restaurant, etc. improve the customer’s shopping experience.

You can join Bestmark by clicking here. This is my favorite mystery shopper and the only mystery shopper I use when learning how to be a mystery shopper. It is one of the best mystery customer companies.Mystery shopping is great because it can help you earn more in your spare time and get free food and merchandise in restaurants.

No, esoteric shopping is not a get rich quick plan, and you may not be able to make it a full-time job. However, learning how to be a secret shopper can be a fun way to make money that can help you pay your bills, save more money and achieve your financial goals faster.

How do mystery shoppers pay? How much money does Secret Shopper make?

If you want to know “How much can you get as a confidential buyer?” This section is for you.When you learn how to be a mystery shopper, you will need to learn how to get paid and the salary of a typical mystery shopper. There are basically three ways to pay secret purchasers to secret purchasers:

Cash and cashback (in addition to getting free products/services, you will also get payment for completing mystery purchases.)Cash payment (for example, a mystery store, call it when you are not buying anything)Refunds (for example, restaurant tasks, they usually don’t pay for free meals).
Usually, you can get paid via direct deposit, PayPal check or gift card through Secret Shopper Jobs approximately 2-4 weeks after completing Mystery Shop.

Usually, after completing the mystery shop, I will be paid on time.

What is a Legal Mystery Shopping Company? Is the shopkeeper’s secret work valid?

When I started as a mystery shopper and learned how to be a secret shopper, I came across a fraudulent shopping fraud company. They exist only to get money from people.I think this is a common scam in the mystery shopping world, because more and more people want to learn how to become a mystery shopper and “get paid to buy”, so many people think they can easily make money from any business.

Don’t be afraid, but there are some legitimate large-scale mystery shopping companies!I only know American mysterious merchants, and my favorite is Bestmark.

I mainly use Bestmark for mystery shoppers. Actually, I don’t remember to use anyone else, because it is one of the best companies for mystery shoppers. I am not sure if other mystery shopping sites are reliable and good companies. But I do know that Bestmark is a legitimate mystery shopping site. You can trust me when I say this. I personally received multiple payments from them, but did not pay them for completing the Mystery Shop.

This is what distinguishes scam shopping companies from real scam shopping companies-mystery shopping companies usually ask for money first as a registration fee.Therefore, when you learn how to become a mystery customer and how to become a secret customer, I encourage you to do some research and find a company like Bestmark.

You can find more information about common mystery shopping scams and their red flags in the FTC’s comments on mystery shopping.

What kind of secret shops are there? How do you become a secret shopper?

There are many kinds of mystery shops you need to prepare!

Above, you can see the screenshot I took from the list of secret stores in Bestmark’s Mystery Shopping app. The list you see above is all the secret stores available last month, and you can also register for many other secret stores.

All you have to do is register here as a mystery shopper.Then, to request a secret store, simply click on any of these lists, select a free date, and click “Apply”.

The mystery buying company will contact you quickly to determine if you can buy mystery items. Personally, I was admitted most of the time because there are many mystery shops there and they would rather be legitimate mystery shoppers.

Too easy!

There is a legitimate mystery job for things like this:

  • Restaurant-Mystery restaurant work is always delicious!
  • Electronic product store (e.g. Best Buy)
  • Trade fair
  • car dealer
  • cinema
  • Makeup counter
  • Phone (find out who answers the phone and learn about the store or restaurant)
  • Try mystery shopping exchange
  • And more! In addition, the best shoppers will get more and more secret shops and mysterious shopping areas.

Will the secret buyer keep the purchased item?

Yes, confidential buyers can keep the purchased goods.Therefore, he regularly conducts mysterious shopping tasks. To get free food, free makeup, free clothes, free oil change, etc. in the restaurant.

Will mystery shoppers pay in advance?
Generally speaking, mystery buyers will not receive advance paymentUsually, you need to pay for the goods, and then the company will refund your money after leaving a mysterious shopping review.

The company does this so that their employees don’t know that you are a mysterious shopper, and let the company know that you are doing this job, making a difficult purchase, not just making money, haha.

What is my favorite mystery shop? – My Mysterious Shopping Review

When I learned how to be a secret shopper, I owned many different types of secret shops. First of all, I will do anything because I want to get the most money to repay the student loan debt.

I made a lot of money, but in the end, I was tired of having to fill out so many reports.

My favorite mystery shops include:

  • I like online shops or phone shops because I don’t have to go to waste fuel or drive somewhere by myself. Usually, you will rate your website, customer service number and/or pick-up method on the courier. It’s very easy to become an online mystery shopper!
  • If I have to drive to a mysterious store, I prefer the store near my home or office.
  • I like to go to makeup shops because I like free makeup. I make a lot of free makeup! This makes them my favorites because I know I will use the products I buy.
  • Food store, because I must eat.
  • Sometimes the search only takes a minute. But sometimes it may take an hour.

Restaurants usually take longer than other restaurants, because basically every detail is evaluated from outdoor cleaning to dessert display.

If you are learning how to be a mystery shopper, you may want to know what kind of mystery store you can do, so here are some examples of the stores I created:

  • restaurant. Their prices ranged from cheap restaurants for about $30 in food reimbursement to lovely steakhouses where I could get a $100 meal for free.
  • Dealer. Bestmark has many distributors. However, the only secret store I have established with the car dealer is the store where I call or receive services online.
  • I shop about 4-5 times a week because this is the easiest way to shop. You don’t need to drive anywhere to search for a minute. They will pay me 3 to 5 dollars.
  • They also have a secret dealer shop, and you walk in and pretend you need a car. They usually pay around $20.
  • retail. I mainly run Estee Lauder’s Secret Shop and do many things. I have approved foundation, lotion, toner, soap, concealer, lip balm, etc. All of these are free! This is not a demo-I received more than $200 of free makeup and paid about $10 for each mystery store.
  • I also run some Best Buy stores. It is also very easy. You only need to check the specific department. (It takes about a minute) Then, you can buy something as small as a piece of chocolate to prove that you are really there and make this shop a bit mysterious. Best Buy stores usually pay around $13, not much, but there is Best Buy on the way home from get off work, so you can easily walk into the mystery store.

The highest-paying store I have made is a restaurant. I run a nice restaurant, I must eat here, food worth more than 100 dollars. crazy! I also saw a shop in a mysterious hotel. (Where you stay in the hotel for free), but I have never been there because it did not work for me that day.If you want to learn how to be a mystery shopper, another thing you need to know is what will happen if you can’t do your job as expected.

If you find that you cannot purchase the product you ordered, usually all you have to do is to contact your programmers and let them know that you need to postpone or cancel. However, I do not recommend doing this often. These programmers will remember you, and if you are friendly to them, they will provide you with a great opportunity, so remember this!

Funds from mysterious purchases will not make you rich. I hope this is clear. Just move it horizontally, and you can get what you want for free!Also, if you sign up for Bestmark, I recommend it! My ID is MO4999, you can click here to join Bestmark. This is one of the best legitimate businesses for mystery shoppers and companies that hire confidential buyers.

Want to know how to become a mystery shopper? Did you know that people get paid for secret purchases?

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