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Weight gain diet | ways to get fat fast

Weight gain diet :

Ways to gain weight fast: Although there are many ways to gain weight and there are many kinds of ways, many people also use certain drugs, but they also suffer a lot, so sometimes drugs are used to increase their weight. Do not use If you want to increase your weight, take it naturally, a good diet will not only increase your weight, but also keep you healthy.

Many people also believe that if you want to gain weight, you can easily gain weight by eating fried or fatty foods. But in such a situation, it only increases obesity and fat, which is not good for the body. To gain weight, you need to eat more protein-rich foods: in a day, you need to eat three large meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, in addition, you need to keep eating something in between. of them. So you are not lacking in protein.

Just as being overweight becomes a problem, so is being underweight. Those people who are underweight or very thin, those people also have to face many problems. For example, clothes that fit you are not available, many people laugh at you or make fun of you. Confidence is still low, there is a sense of shame going somewhere.

If you eat a lot of food and your weight still does not increase or you become thin, know that your body needs more calories to gain weight.

Reason for not gaining weight

If you don’t have enough calories in your diet, that’s a great reason not to gain weight. If your digestive power is very good, after eating your body will need to rest. But many people don’t. Instead, when you give your body rest, the chances of gaining weight increase more. Along with this, you should eat grinders every 2 hours which contain a good amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Which helps you gain weight.

It is important to have this in your food

Calorie content approx – (3000 – 3300)
The amount of carbohydrates approx – (350 – 361)
Protein content approx – (230 – 270)
Fat content approx – (80 – 100)

What should I eat to gain weight? weight gain diet chart – ways to get fat fast

1. Sprouts

If you consume sprouted black grass, sprouted moong, sprouted ringworm in the morning, it helps a lot in gaining weight. You need to eat this on an empty stomach, because of this your body gets a lot of vitamins at once, which helps a lot in gaining weight. By consuming it daily, the stomach is also cleansed and the digestion process remains smooth.

2. Potato and rice – quick weight loss tips

Carbohydrates are found in large amounts in both, which helps to increase your weight.

3. Things made from soy products

There are many people who consume a lot of soy stuff to increase their weight. For example, soy milk, soy can, soy paneer, big soy, they all have a lot of protein. To gain weight, include them in your daily diet.

4. Eat fruit

There are many fruits like banana, grape, apple, chikoo which help you gain weight. If you consume fruits daily, the digestive system is also strong and stays away from many diseases. Or you can turn him into a sheikh and drink. Or you can drink fruit juice.

5. Dairy products – quick fat gain tips

Consumption of products like whole milk, ghee, butter, paneer, lassi and sheikh’s milk in dairy products also contributes to weight gain.

Weight gain diet
Weight gain diet

6. Eating a balanced diet

A food that contains many kinds of vitamins and proteins, which is a staple in your diet, whether at lunch or dinner, you should eat many kinds of cereals, such as rice, lentils, one or two types of green vegetables, eating salad. . .

7. Dry fruits and nuts

Eat nuts like cashews, almonds, kismis, walnuts, pistachios, consuming them daily increases weight. In these you get many types of vitamins, proteins, iron, calcium and manganese. Which help you increase your weight.

8. Eating a variety of bins

There are many types of containers available in the market, such as soybeans, beans, as well as chickpeas or peas.

9. Non veg – ways to get fat fast

If you don’t eat vegetables, you can also eat chicken, eggs, fish. They contain a lot of protein. Sometimes it can also be eaten but don’t eat it daily as it is spicier which can also give you stomach upset, if you want you can eat it twice a week as a non-vegetarian.


In this way, you can easily increase your weight, but to have a good body, you must do gymnastics or exercise at the same time so that your body and your weight remain in a limited amount.

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