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What I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic so far

What I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic so far

What I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic so far

Covid-19 pandemic: One morning less than two days ago, we decided that we must return to our country as soon as possible.

We booked our flight at 6:50 AM, set an alarm for a few hours from there, and tried to get a good night’s sleep, or at least close our eyes before the arduous journey that might be experienced.I remember thinking, “How do we get to this?” when i booked this flight.

Just a week ago, we came to Mexico City and knew very well about the rapid spread of the coronavirus. But maybe I don’t understand its dominance in countries such as Italy.Looking back, we are still warming up unconsciously in this charming innocent pool.

The government’s polite advice quickly turned into a panic statement, and everything was full of uncertainty. But it is undeniably shrouded.Suddenly, all aspects of the message became clear.

go home now.

So we put on masks and returned to Toronto, knowing that we must isolate ourselves when we return. But at least she is at home.

During this time, we lived in Puerto Vallarta with our best friend Meghan. If I don’t mention the excellent receptionist she has also been, I will be totally dissatisfied. When we need her, she is a source of stability and strength.

I have now seen a lot of content written by coronavirus travel bloggers, some of which are unpalatable, while others have performed very well. Communicate with your audience and show something in difficult times.

It sounds difficult, but the reason why I wrote a book is easy for me: writing a book is the only way for me to understand the world.

This is why I wrote an article when I reached the key point in Istanbul and immediately saw the attack. An article I am honored to be awarded the Traverse Prize 2019 Best Opinion Paper Award.I am not a scientist or a doctor, and I have not written anything that can be called “correct” or “incorrect”.

I don’t care if it is read by one million or five million. However, if what I write here matches at least one person, I call it a victory.

Now, I want to write an article about what I learned in this crisis with a mindset that what I know now can help others in the future.At least, I know that whenever I feel the chaotic fog forming and thickening every minute, it will definitely give me a touch.

This is the time for complete empathy

I think I accidentally summarized what I meant. A few days ago, I wrote in a tweet in Puerto Vallarta saying “very nursing”.It was the fourth and fifth sentences that caught his attention. If we do not change from “I” to “us”, we will not be able to overcome it, and I believe it wholeheartedly.

The way we deal with the human COVID crisis will always exist in history books. Now, we must determine the major changes we are going through, even if they are not intentional. But must breed new ideas

Buy online gift cards for small businesses in the community who are video chatting with friends who are experiencing difficulties, seeking financial assistance or getting a general basic income from your government or fair people. Show your support to people or organizations on social media, they may need your help.I have forgotten a clearer moment when we are closely related all over the world. Now we are all fighting. All countries together.


Therefore, I can focus on failing the travel site. (The site and Ultimate Ontario), I can follow the fact that all campaigns have been paused and I may not know where these campaigns are. My next dollar is here.

Or, I can focus on the fact that from a deeper level, I know it is bigger than “me”. I can understand that my grief and struggle are great pain and struggle with all of us now. Waves must be higher than waves

It doesn’t have to be cheap. But please think about how you can help others now. You will be surprised how far the message of love can go.

And I don’t have a guide on how to do this. But I posted the help I can offer on my own channel, maybe you can do it on every channel that makes sense to you.

Too Shall Pass This

For most of our lives, we hate impermanence, hoping that we can make a particular life or moment last. But now, we can feel happy because nothing is eternal, including this terrible coronavirus.

Unfortunately, I think the situation will get worse. But in the end it will end. I don’t know how far the “final” is. However, only in theory, this last point does exist.

We must remember this

Now, the only thing most of us can do is stay at home and get out of society until everything returns to normal. If we all do our best to solve this problem, we can overcome it. However, teams in cities, provinces and countries around the world need to put in a lot of effort.

Yes, this is a record. But this will pass. This knowledge alone will be much better than hoarding 300 rolls of toilet paper.

You have to carefully choose the information you bring into your life.

Currently, there are many resources for you to read any article that might be intimidating. Do what you like and choose wisely what you want to do.

Here are some content that can help me through the difficulties, or if you have not found useful information, then this information may be helpful to you.

The website of the World Health Organization (WHO) about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Coronavirus Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) page (COVID-19)

Canada’s official world travel guide.

Jodi of Legal Nomads wants you to take this virus seriously.

NPR reminds you how to do housework for you.

Harvard Medical School’s article on dealing with anxiety caused by the coronavirus.

This still doesn’t work for me. But I think this article about telling children about the coronavirus may be helpful to some people.

As we all know, the information we consume can enhance our capabilities or weaken our capabilities, and, if possible, we want to ensure that the COVID-19 information obtained will help us make better decisions without taking any action, decision-making , We will feel helpless. .

What I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic so far

We are in this together

This idea is no different from what I call the concept of “extreme care”, but I think it is repetitive.No matter what you experience, there may be other people around the world.

Focus on positive stories from all over the world and bold opposition in the face of unprecedented uncertainty. For example, look at an Italian beauty in the detention area, he climbed onto the balcony to sing.

We can only read a lot of bad news. We must follow the social channels and people that bring light and hope to our survival.I don’t know if it works. But this is what I tried to post on Twitter and I encourage you to do the same. We hope that we can now get all the positive gains.

It’s time to be creative

On the second day of my speech, I knew I had to be at least 12 days in advance.

But let’s face it, this crisis will not be resolved within 12 days, so I may be isolated from the world in the near future.

Hold parties on Skype, play games online, send messages to people on WhatsApp, and call people you haven’t seen in a while.

Also, remember that you can take a deep breath and experience new and novel things. While trying to change the story of my grandfather, I will continue to read his grandfather’s war letters. (And the love story between my grandparents) Become a podcast.

The world has changed, what better chance is there to face what you have been waiting for?

My friend Kareem also invited me to participate in what he called “Covid:eo”, where creators will contribute content to help people continue to learn and fight boredom during this period. The lonely thing is that I might read a travel agency there tomorrow.

I also heard that Shakespeare wrote about King Lear when he was alone in the disaster, and Newton also discovered his genius in an encouraging way. But I think this puts a lot of pressure on them. People try to create beautiful things.

Do your job now, find your “reason”, and connect with others online in a way that illuminates your life, hoping to bring light to the entire community.

We have the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves.

Sometimes, we feel like we are on a treadmill, grabbing food and water, which can keep us on the road and adapt to sleep and family life.This is an opportunity to get out of trouble.

Obviously, people with children will have a reality different from what I know now. As a former elementary school educator, I want to respect how busy your hands are.Having said that, I still think there is a chance to land.

We can use this time to return to meditation, experience the power of training at home, look at your partner during dinner, and watch 341 movies you have seen in the show. We can stay up late to read books, end up being someone who takes a long shower without excuses, or start the podcast we’ve always wanted. We can open a sideline website or try some new things.

Now our reality has shaken, so when you put them back in place, why not add a piece to the puzzle you always wanted?

Day by day, hour by hour

I don’t have an answer like yours, but I have opinions, and I have them. However, I hope what I shared is helpful to you.

This is strange, but my sanctuary is the written world. It sounds ridiculous. But, so far, when I started writing this article, I can swear someone has lost 15 pounds on my neck. For better or worse in crisis and chaos, this is where I am going.I do not know what to do. I want to have it, but it is not the case.

But what I know is that I feel I have many opportunities to get rid of the shackles of daily work and take care of it like I have never done before. What if we all adopt this method? What if this is our first time together and don’t care?

If I have read this article within a month, it is true and I cannot tell. If my optimism is even obscured, but the future seems ridiculous, I cannot tell.

But for now, I still firmly believe that we will support each other and overcome this difficulty. We will have a deep understanding of our own existence and rise from the ashes.Although there is almost no hope, we will never let it go.

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