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What is black fungus? What are its symptoms?

What is black fungus:

What is black fungus

What is black fungus: Black fungus is a kind of fungus produced in the human body due to overdose of certain drugs or diabetic patients.

When people rot or mold, people often find mold in the kitchen. Due to this coronavirus crisis, people’s corona leads to a decline in immunity, leading to the spread of mycoses in large numbers.

Mold has existed for more than 400 million years and plays an important role on the earth.

They help plants move from aquatic ecosystems to terrestrial ecosystems and continue to help them obtain nutrients from the soil. Mushrooms decompose organic waste and repel the nutrients left in the leaves and wood.

What are the symptoms of black fungus or mucormycosis?
Mucormycosis or black fungus is a very rare infection. It is caused by exposure to soil, plants, fertilizers, and mold commonly found in rotten fruits and vegetables.

“They are common on the ground and in the air, even in the nose and phlegm of healthy people.It affects the sinuses, brain and lungs, and can be fatal to people with diabetes or people with strong immunity (such as cancer patients or HIV/AIDS).

Many patients who have recently recovered from COVID-19 have been diagnosed with black fungus, commonly referred to as mucormycosis.

Mucormycosis attacks the sinuses and spreads to the orbital area and into the skull in certain parts of the body. If the spread rate in the body cannot be controlled as soon as possible, 60% to 85% of patients with this fungal infection may die.

What do experts say about black fungus?
Doctors suspect that the use of steroids is an important treatment for patients with severe COVID-19.

It may cause mucous membranes and the overall mortality rate is 50%.Steroids seem to help prevent certain damage that may occur when the body’s immune system is stimulated to fight the coronavirus, thereby reducing lung inflammation.

However, in diabetic and non-diabetic patients with COVID-19, the immune system is reduced and blood sugar levels are elevated.

It is believed that this decline in immunity is the cause of the outbreak of black fungus.

Diabetes weakens the immune system, the coronavirus makes symptoms worse, and ultimately, COVID-19 sets gasoline on fire.

What are the symptoms and signs of black fungus?
Black fungus
is also dangerous because the symptoms of this fungal infection include nose congestion and bleeding, swelling and discomfort, drooping eyelids, vision problems, and eventually may be decreased vision around the nose. Dark spots on the skinMost patients will be late when they lose vision, and doctors must remove their eyes through surgery to prevent the infection from spreading to the brain.


Even in the darkest period, we can overcome this crisis. Yes, black fungus is dangerous only when we allow black fungus to spread and take over us.

Therefore, it is our job to take care of yourself and beware of Black fungus.

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